5 Most Strange Unsolved Mysteries No One Could Explain

There are many mysteries in the world, which still remain unsolved till the date of today. Scientists have removed the curtain from some mysteries. But no one has yet removed the curtains from some mysterious things in the world.

So, we are going to tell you about those secrets which still remain an incomprehensible puzzle for the people.

Strange Unsolved Mysteries

Strange Unsolved Mysteries

1. The Dancing Plague of 1518

In the summer of 1518, a woman in the city of Strasbourg started dancing on the street. She used to dance all day and all night. Meanwhile, within a week, 34 other women also started dancing with that woman.

Seeing them dancing, people of that time thought, some evil spirit has possessed them. There was neither a big reason for dancing nor any special occasion on which to dance.

Within a month, the number of dancing women reached 400. After this, from religious priest to scientists were called. The condition of many women began to get worse while dancing. Even women died dancing and dancing.

After this, stages were built for them, and a separate hall was built. Everyone believed that the situation of women dancing would change only when they would be able to dance day and night.

Many theories were given to explain this incident. Poison, epilepsy, collective mental illness were also reported, but still, no satisfactory answer has been found which can explain this weird historical event.


2. The SS Ourang Medan (Ghost Ship)

In June 1947, several ships were passing through the trade route in the Gulf of Malacca. At the same time, an SOS message arrived that all the crew members of the ship had died.

The nearest ship moved towards it, after recognizing the source of the signal. The nearest merchant ship “the Sylvan Star” rapidly reached at the point where the signal came from.

On arriving at the Ourang Medan, all the people were surprised. All crew members of the Ourang Medan ship were dead. The corpses were scattered on the ship here and there. Many corpse’s eyes were opened and fear was clearly seen on their faces.

Even a dog aboard the ship was dead. Crew members started getting freezing as they moved closer to the bodies in the boiler room but the temperature was 110 degrees. The surprising thing was that there was no injury to the body of the people who died.

The crew members of The Silver Star decided to return to their ship. But before that they would do something, the smoke started to come out from under the deck. They somehow got back to his ship before it exploded.

Some people cited the entire incident as a cloud of natural gases. At the same time, most people attributed the supernatural power behind it. But No one knows what really happened to the crew members of SS Qurang Medan.


3. Death Valley, California (Moving Stones)

Notorious as Death Valley, this place has a lot of stones. These stones are different weights and size and mysteriously present on this dry desert. Some of the stones look as if they are moving forward by sliding.

There are Longlines present behind them. You can be surprised to see the view here. There is no evidence of any human or animal dragging these stones. 

Some people believe that due to geographical changes and storms, stones are present in this way.



4. Najka Lines

This desert located in Peru has many such figures, which you may be surprised to see. Some of these figures appear to be of humans, plants and animals. Apart from this, straight lines are also seen on the desert surface.

These lines are believed to have existed since 200 BCE. These lines are spread over 500 square kilometres.

With the help of helicopters, these can be seen more clearly. It is also said that UFOs from other planets landed here, due to which many structures were formed on the surface.


The Big Grey Man Of Ben Macdui

5. The Big Grey Man

Grey Man is an inhuman creature that is said to haunt the summit and passes of the second highest peak in Scotland, Ben Macdui (in the native Scottish tongue, the creature is known as Am Fear Liath Mòr).

Like the Yeti of the Himalayas and Big Foot of the American Pacific Northwest, the Big Grey Man has been seen by few eyewitnesses. What makes the Big Grey Man particularly frightening is that his physical characteristics don’t resemble that of a bear, and thus sightings can’t be dismissed as bear-sightings.

Those who have seen the Big Grey Man describe it as extremely tall (over ten feet) and human-like, with short hair, broad shoulders, and long arms. Nearly all reports of sightings include the sound of gravel crunching beneath footfalls.

Scientists haven’t been able to come up with an explanation for the sightings and the accompanying sounds, although psychologists have proposed that those who have supposedly seen and heard the Big Grey Man have been in a state of the physical and mental anguish brought on by exhaustion and/or isolation.

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