Bermuda Triangle of India | Lake of No Return

Who doesn’t like to spend time sitting on the banks of the river or lake? But there’s a lake called Lake of no return. where even a bird is afraid to wander around. If someone wanders here by mistake, he does not come back. It is said that this lake swallows humans alive, nobody knows where these humans disappeared till this date. So let’s know the horror story of the bloody lake.

This lake is situated in India. It is located on the border of Arunachal Pradesh and in the Changlang district, the lake of no return is a waterbody that partially comes under the area of pansau. which is home to the Tangsa tribe and since the improvement of relations between India and Burma, the lake has come to play an important part in the development of tourism in the nearby Indian Changlang District.

Also, pansau is like a small metropolis on the border of Myanmar. You can see the lake from the pansau bypass and it is located approximately 12 km from nampong village. It’s also known as India’s Bermuda triangle and here’s why.

Bermuda Triangle of India


How did it gets the name?

The lake is so scary that its name became the lake of no return. People all over the world know this lake by this name. Nobody likes to come here. Actually, there are many stories behind its naming. It is said that during World War II, there were many mysterious incidents that happened here.

The Allied forces used this lake for soft emergency landings and in the course, many aircraft and their crews perished in the lake. In fact, the US considered this place to be an emergency land and thought of making an emergency landing. After landing, no one knew where the plane and the people in it disappeared. Since then, it has been called ‘A Lake of No Return”.

In another story, During the second world war, there was a war going on between the British and the Japanese. Japan wanted to seize Assam. As Japanese soldiers pass through the area around the lake, one by one all the soldiers started disappearing.

They did not know that they had reached at the lake that swallowed the humans alive. Just then what was the lake got its new prey and all the people there disappeared mysteriously. No clue was found there. Where did they go? no one knows.

The third incident is when American soldiers were sent here for testing,  but they mysteriously disappeared. A search operation was also carried out to investigate this incident, but with no success. The team engaged in the search operation said that this lake looks like a big marsh when viewed from above.

Surprisingly, this phenomenon of death did not stop here but continued continuously. Another story tells that a group of British troops in 1942 sank into the deep of the quicksand and should not survive. In this way, the chain of death continues even today.


Local stories

According to the locals, it is said that once in there was a village that was settled near the lake and villagers lived off on the fishes from the lake. Some people were passing by the lake when they saw a giant shaped fish. A celebration was organized in the village in the joy of catching such a big fish.

Everyone wants to see the big fish, so the invitation was sent to everyone but an elderly woman living in the village went to some other place, instead of going to the festival with her granddaughter.

Actually, the old lady was feeling something untoward. Due to this fear, she did not attend the festival. It is said that on the same night the whole village was drowned in water. This water was from the same lake which swallows humans alive very easily.

In another similar story, it is told that a long time ago there was a small lake close to the present-day Lake of No Returns. Once the villagers decided to feast on the fish from the lake, and accordingly, they caught all the fish from the lake. Incidentally, there were 3 fish there who were the children of the Rain God.

The night before the villagers caught fish there, the Rain God came in the dream of the village elder man and told him about his children in the lake. The next morning, the old man told the villagers about the dream he had on the previous night but they ignored the warning, and went ahead to catch all the fish from there, and had a feast that night.

The old man left the village in the darkness of the night and moved to the neighbouring village. The Rain God was angry with the villagers and decided to destroy the village. That night, after the feast, soon after the old man left, there was an earthquake.

The next morning when he returned to see what happened to the village, he saw that the whole village was ruined. The whole village was submerged. Not a single person was left alive.

Locals living here say that as the day end, strange sounds are heard in this area. It seems as if there are some dreadful curse inside the lake.


Claim to be a dreaded creature

Some people also say that In this bloody lake there resides a ferocious giant creature. The person passing by the lake falls prey to the hunger of that monster.


Claim to be aliens

Some people claimed that there can be a base of aliens that become active as soon as they get a chance. They do such activities here that we humans are unaware of or Then thinking about their activities are beyond human understanding.

Anyone who tried to capture the mystery of the lake on camera had no success. It is said that electromagnetic waves are released from the lake, due to which, nothing is visible even after clicking the photo.

This place is not less than a tourist spot. But even today no one can muster the courage to go here. Whoever tries to go there has never come back. This blood-thirsty lake swallows every person alive who dares to comes here and no one seems to know anything.


Bermuda Triangle of India

Researchers say that people get caught in the lake because of the quicksand in the lake and the aircrafts that fell into the lake were perhaps because the returning pilots used the lake as a soft landing spot for damaged or defective aircraft. But facts remain

The lake is also known as “The Bermuda Triangle of India”.

With the lake’s mysterious and yet dramatic picture surrounded by stories, it has become an attractive tourist destination.

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