Can you get covid after getting vaccinated…?

 Can you get covid even after vaccination..? 


Can you get covid even after vaccination



First, we need to understand that why are we getting the covid-19 vaccine, the main purpose is to get ourselves immune to the coronavirus infection, our immune cells get used to the antigens and our memory cells help to fight the virus in the near about future. So even if we get covid after vaccination our immune system would solely fight with the virus, we may get into home isolation but the serious illness can be avoided hence, any sort of fatality is reduced. 

A vaccinated population may not fear about the rising cases in their locality because as far as our concern death ratio should be null. We may not get rid of covid-19 early but human civilization can fight with this pandemic and bring back normal life very soon. 

Soon after getting vaccines, our body takes up to 14 days to develop a proper immune response and if a person contracts covid in between these days he will need proper respiratory treatments along with oxygen therapy, vaccines cleared by DCGA India till date are: oxford AstraZeneca developed by Serum Institute of India, Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN and Doctor reddy’s Sputnik V

Most of the vaccines introduced in India are mRNA vaccines which basically works on spike protein and it does not contain any vector material hence,  the vaccine applicants are completely safe from getting covid-19. Minor fever can be probable side effects after getting the vaccine which is again a positive sign of the body getting an immune response.

So hereby when we know that we can get covid even after vaccination we should never stop wearing masks and maintaining hand hygiene.


Can people who tested positive even after getting the covid-19 vaccine can spread the infection to others ..?

Yes, in the timeframe between getting vaccinated and getting the immune response, we are still at a greater risk of getting the infection, the virus won’t infect them but they could easily transmit the virus to others

Different types of vaccines work in a completely different way, but the sole purpose of every vaccine is to initiate a proper immune response…

Our immune cells are:



Our immune cells are


 1. Macrophages 

These are the WBCs that helps in destroying pathogens and leaves behind antigens

2. B- lymphocytes 

These are defensive WBCS, they produce antibodies that attack the pieces of the virus left.

3. T-lymphocytes 

These are other types of defensive cells alike WBcs. which helps in making antibodies for the future and helps initiates immune cells for memory cells


Types of vaccine works

1. mRNA Vaccine

It contains protein material from the virus that causes covid-19.

2. Protein Subunit Vaccine

Protein subunit vaccines contain specific isolated proteins from viral or bacterial pathogens; polysaccharide vaccines contain chains of sugar molecules (polysaccharides) found in the cell walls of some bacteria; conjugate subunit vaccines bind a polysaccharide chain to a carrier protein.


3. Vector Vaccines

This contains the genetic material of the pathogen, it is one of the oldest ways of vaccinating people..vaccines like small and cowpox were introduced through this process.


Probable side effects of vaccines:



Probable side effects of vaccines


– Reported side effects to COVID-19 vaccines have mostly been mild to moderate and short-lasting. They include:

  • fever
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • muscle pain
  • chills
  • diarrhoea
  • pain at the injection site

The chances of any of these side effects following vaccination differ according to the specific COVID-19 vaccine.

How long does it take side effects to appear after getting 2nd covid-19 vaccine –

Mostly the side effects appear, after 2-4 days of getting vaccines fevers and chills appear, several cases appear of getting blood clot hence several myths works underneath.

Vaccine plays a major role in defeating this pandemic, it’s the only way of inoculating the population against covid and coming back to normal life.

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