Do Aliens Exist On Mars? According to Ex-Israeli space chief Trump knows about it


Aliens Exist On Mars

Israel’s Former Space Chief claimed Aliens Exist On Mars And Trump Knows About It:


The earth has always been alive, where a wide variety of creatures, animals and birds inhabit including humans. In such a situation, scientists believe that just as there is life on Earth, life can exist on other planets of the solar system as well. 

The creatures on the planet other than Earth are called aliens, many films from Bollywood to Hollywood have been exposed to aliens and facts related to other worlds. At the same time, ordinary people and scientists living on the earth have also claimed to see flying saucers or aliens many times. 

Recently, the issue of aliens has once again been exposed, in which alien beings want to contact the inhabitants of the earth. So let us know what is the issue of aliens, which are making headlines these days.


The issue of aliens heats up once again

As such, many kinds of claims have been made about aliens, to which no firm evidence has been found. In such a situation, people who have seen aliens or UFOs believe in being alien. 

While for those who have not realized such things, Alien and their existence have been full of doubt. This is the reason why different scientists around the world try to contact the aliens and talk to them through radio signals. 

Due to this effort, an international team of scientists are getting radio signals from far away in the solar system. Let us tell you that the planet from which radio signals are coming, is present under the planet Tau Boötis star system.

Scientists show that the planet from which radio signals are being sent is 51 light-years away from Earth. Researchers and scientists from Cornell University are working together to find the other world and the aliens that inhabit it. 

Let us tell you that the facts related to this special research done on aliens have been published in the scientific journal Astronomy and Astrophysics. Scientists say that we are getting these signals from the Tau Boötis System, which are receiving radio signals due to the strength and polarization of the planet’s magnetic field. 

A study of radio signals suggests that life can exist on any planet other than Earth.  The possibility of studying the world of aliens is increasing through these radio signals and also helping scientists to work further in this subject. Let us tell you that earlier an Israeli scientist claimed that aliens exist in any corner of the universe and efforts are being made to contact them.

In fact, a few days ago, Haim Eshed, the head of Israel’s former space security program, claimed that aliens exist at some point in the universe, which both the United State and Israel are constantly trying to contact. 

Not only this, but Haim Eshed also told that former US President Donald Trump also knows about this activity. He said that the presence of the Aliens has been hidden from the world because humans are not yet ready to accept this big truth. 

Haim Eshed has been responsible for Israel’s SPACE Security Program for nearly 30 years, so the claims he made shocked the public.


Big disclosure during the conversation with the newspaper

Haim Eshed recently revealed to aliens and their activities during a conversation with an Israeli newspaper. He said that the aliens will not openly reveal their presence in front of humans until humanity is fully developed. 

At the same time, when scientists fully develop their understanding of space and spacecraft, then they will be able to understand the life of aliens. 

He quoted former US President Donald Trump as saying that there was an agreement between the aliens travelling to Earth and the US government, under which the alien wanted to understand the fabric of the Earth in collaboration with American scientists.

According to Haim Eshed, the aliens have been told not to announce their presence, as humanity is not ready for this change. Donald Trump also once wanted to announce the presence of aliens, but the aliens told him to remain calm. 

Actually, aliens want humans to become mentally healthy and intelligent first so that they can know and understand the mysteries hidden in the solar system. So until humans are fully developed, America cannot tell the world about the presence of aliens.


A secret agreement between aliens and America

Israeli expert Haim Eshed said there was a secret agreement between the US government and the aliens under which the test was signed. Aliens are researching the fabric of the entire universe and trying to understand it. 

He wants American agents to help him in this work. Haim Eshed made a big disclosure, stating that there is a den of aliens in the depths of Mars, where his representatives and American astronauts are present.

Haim Eshed said that 5 years ago I wanted to bring the secrets of the aliens and the US agreement to the scientists around the world, but wherever I went with this information, they sent me back home calling me crazy. 

Haim said that I have nothing to lose, I have received a lot of Saale Awards for my degree and work. In such a situation, I do not have to lie about aliens to earn a name. Haim Eshed has mentioned in one of his books how aliens can help prevent nuclear tragedy on Earth.

Let me tell you that when Professor Haim Eshed retired from his tenure in 2011, he was honoured by the Israeli media as the father of Israel’s satellite program. In such a situation, it can be said that the claims made by Haim Eshed tell the truth of the agreement between the US and the aliens. 

However, no official statement of American scientists or former President Donald Trump has been revealed so far about this claim. So, should we assume that humans are not the only living beings in the solar system and aliens really do exist. 

From my point of view, this whole claim is ridiculous. What is your opinion about this, tell us in the comment box.

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