Simultaneity: Does Time Exist? or It is just an illusion

Does time exist? Before going into depth to understand this question, we have to clear some misconceptions related to the illusion of time. These misconceptions are mainly due to the flow of time and not being able to understand correctly the curvature generated by mass in spacetime. 

There’s a theory called block universe theory which explains some extents of time but according to this theory, time doesn’t flow, and neither the free will exist.


Block universe

In the context of the block universe, time is similar to a landscape, in which the past, present, and future are simultaneously present in different dimensions. This means that there are still dinosaurs, as well as many copies of yourself and the whole universe is present in various stages of the future and past.


does time exist
Cosmic Expansion
This exotic figure arises from Einstein’s theory of general relativity, in which time is the fourth dimension and its direction is from the past to the future. In general relativity, two events cannot occur simultaneously, this leads to anomalies such as the Andromeda Paradox.

“People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”Albert Einstein


In the theory of relativity, spacetime curvature considered as the “curvature in higher dimensions” where time can be slow and fast but not be a different dimension. This can also be proved by the fact In which moving objects pulled the photon with them and maintain Simultaneity. This behavior has also been proven by “photon acceleration by moving plasma“.



The given picture represents a conceptual experiment related to Simultaneity. A spacecraft is moving from left to right at an extremely fast speed. According to the theory of relativity, the speed of light will be the same for the observer inside the vehicle and the stationary observer outside the vehicle.

The time and motion are relative to the observer.


Light rays emitted from the front and back of the vehicle will be observed in the centre of the vehicle for the observer inside. But for the outside observer, it will appear towards the back of the vehicle.

Using this information, a thought experiment can be done in which a cat will be shot with a gun if light rays are not found in the middle of the vehicle. This will mean that the cat will be alive for the observer inside the vehicle. But for the observer outside the spacecraft, the cat is dead because according to him the light rays aren’t in the middle.

Now, which observer is correct? Is the cat alive or dead? One way to solve this question is to assume that the gun firing system will follow the rules of the moving vehicle. That is, the cat is alive. It also means that the observations of the outside observer are meaningless. 

This phenomenon can also be evidenced by the fact that moving objects maintain Simultaneity by pulling photons with them and this behaviour has also been proven by photon acceleration by moving plasma.

In the following articles, we will see how moving objects produce curvature in space by creating spacetime. Particles without mass (zero mass) are drawn in the direction of motion in spacetime so that the observation done by the observer located in that object makes sense.


Problems of the Block Universe

There are a few problems and paradoxes arise from the static theory of time, whose analysis is necessary. In this theory, the time has spread like the landscape in the timeline. According to this, there is the existence of the future but the existence of free will/event is not possible. Even within a short time moment, there should be innumerable copies of everything in the entire universe.


Parallel universe


According to the theory of block universe, the discussion of the origin of the universe is meaningless because the existence of every part of the universe has always been there. if the big bang has happened then it will still exist.

If there is a time-scape in which the past, present, and future are spread, then how do we feel the events happening and the flow of time? Does our consciousness flow in the flow of time? What makes our consciousness to move in this flow? Why can’t we go backwards freely in the flow of time with our desire? To understand the speed of consciousness in the flow of time, we will need a new physics.


The Consequence of Special Relativity

The block universe seems to be a necessary consequence of special relativity. Here all space-time is laid out. The notion of the flow of time is eliminated (not necessarily the notion of an arrow of time).

Past, present, and future are on equal footing. This seems to be at odds with quantum mechanics and its inherent element of probability where the outcome of an experiment is not predetermined.

While it is well-known that general relativity and quantum mechanics are not unified, special relativity and quantum mechanics are merged nicely in quantum field theories such as QED. In those practical applications, there seems to be no conflict. Does this conflict exist?

I think an answer has a huge number of implications touching questions such as “is free will possible”. But let’s not get lost in too much philosophy. The basic question is about compatibility between the concept of the block universe and the usual interpretations of quantum mechanics.


The Absence of Time Traveler

If the block universe exists then there will also be the existence of advanced civilizations of the future which will be millions of years ahead of us in technology. At least some of these civilizations should be capable of time travel.

There should be some evidence of time travel or time travel should be possible according to the laws of some unknown physics.


grandfather paradox
Grandson murdered before his grandfather’s marriage!


If time travel is possible, then a person can go in the past and kill his grandfather before his marriage in the past, in this way he changes the future and prevents himself from being born. When he is not born, then how will he travel in time to reach the past?



Time is an actual amazing phenomenon and In some way, it appears like a block universe on a timeline but its to be like the block universe is just an illusion. Only the present is real, the past is memory and the future is not an asset.

Simultaneity is conserved and is evidenced by photon acceleration by plasma motion. The concept of the block universe is not possible due to the absence of time travellers and contradictions related to time travel.

Our present is too small that it is impossible to measure it in any unit. The present can be compared to the sharp needle of a CD recording device. Measurement of past and future is possible (like we can measure the memory of a tape or CD). This memory will contain figures for the past but for the future, it will be empty like blank paper.

This does not mean that time does not exist, it only implies that what we perceive as time is just an impression or an illusion.

Simultaneity: It is a property of events occurring at the same time with reference to a single observer.


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