Most Mysterious Alien Objects Found In Space During Corona Pandemic

Since the discovery of the telescope, Astronomers have made an enormous step into understanding the origin of the cosmos. However, even after so many years, we are still finding things in deep space that no one has seen before.

Mysterious Alien Objects Found In Space
The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder

On 26th June 2020, Something Mysterious occurred. When four strange objects were identified by the radio telescope “Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder“.

These Astronomical objects don’t seem like any other Astronomical objects that have ever seen before, and this discovery ignited a spark of interest in the astronomical and space community.

The first three objects were spotted in depths of space using a pilot survey of a new project called the Evolutionary Map Of The Universe, while the fourth object was retrieved in archival data. Which were collected by The Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) Observatory, located near Pune, Junnar, Narayangaon in India, and helped to confirm that the first three are not just lens anomalies.

The Distance of objects from our solar system is still unknown but one thing is certain they are not located in the milky way’s galactic neighborhood.

Each object was calculated at around one arc minute across, keeping in mind that as seen from the earth the sun and moon both have angular diameters of about 30 arc minutes.

ring like Alien Objects in space

The four unidentified objects are highly circular and with bright edges and look like distance ring islands because of their strange shape and peculiarity they were characterized as Odd Radio Circles (ORCs) for short, It seems that ORCs have a different origin.

All of them were visible in radio-wavelength but completely undetectable in Visible light, Infrared light, and X-Ray light.

Two of them have galaxies at their center, which means they might have been formed by them, while two of the ORCs might have some kind of interconnection or even the same origin since they seem to be in close vicinity.

There are several possible explanations of what those ORCs might be, but none of them fit perfectly with the object’s specifications and characteristics.

The Astronomers already ruled out descriptions for those ORCs objects. They estimate it is possible that these ORCs objects maybe a supernovae remnants or maybe planetary nebula’s circumstellar shells or maybe Star-forming galaxies, or maybe they are just gravitational lensing. But the emu survey is just beginning and astronomers expect it to reveal more unusual objects as time goes by.

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