Mystery of Dark Matter is going to be solved soon

Have you ever wonder what is the universe made of? If you want to find the answer in syllabus books then it says the universe is made of energy and matter. If you ask the same question to a scientist then he will say it’s dark stuff (Dark energy & Dark matter) then if you ask him what is dark matter? then his reply is probably is it’s a riddle for science to solve. We are going to tell you about the mystery of dark matter and how scientists of LHC (Large Hadron Collider) gonna solve this mystery.


mystery of dark matter


Reason for the stability and expansion of the universe

We are all familiar with the fact that our universe is expanding, but why is it expanding? The reason for this is still beyond our comprehension. When we do not understand the reason for something, then we make theories to explain that thing and the theory that fits with that event is considered to be the cause of that event. 

In the same way, the reason for the expansion of the universe is considered to be Dark energy and dark matter is the reason for the stability of the universe, these are the Dark force which neither has been detected nor seen. 

We’ll talk about dark energy in our future articles, in this article we’ll mainly focus on dark matter and we will also discuss how the Large Hadron Collider is searching for this dark matter.

According to scientific calculations, among all the matter of the universe, Dark matter is 85% and we don’t know anything about it. So we call it Dark Matter and only 15% of the normal matter exist by which all the stars of the sky, galaxies, planets, and other things made of.

This means that the space that we see as empty is not actually empty but is filled with dark matter. It is said that there’s an important role of dark matter to give shape and size to this universe and because of the dark matter stars were born after the Big Bang.

Dark matter is called dark because it doesn’t interact with normal matter or electromagnetic radiation that’s why we can’t see it. Without dark matter, galaxies will not remain in their stable path and wander around in the universe randomly.

The scientist had measured the density of dark matter through maths and stated that the density of dark matter is 2.241×10-27 kg/m3 in terms of the position, movement, and expansion of the galaxies in the universe.

But let me tell you for knowledge that we do not even have 0.001 percent proof of the presence of Dark Matter. At present, the existence of Dark Matter is based on theories.


LHC preparing for another big discovery

Now we turn our approach towards the Large Hadron Collider aka LHC. The Large Hadron Collider received accolades from everywhere in the world when it discovered the God particle Higgs Boson. 

But now it has begun preparations for another big discovery and If it becomes successful, then probably the whole theory of physics of the universe will change. LHC has now begun the search for dark matter. Scientists are getting the proton beams colloidal at a record-breaking speed in the LHC to reveal the existence of dark matter.

Scientists know that if the proton beam is colliding on the same point in equal amounts from two sides, then the transverse Momentum should be zero and if it is not zero then it will be confirmed that this Momentum is taken by some invisible matter and with this, it can be confirmed that apart from normal matter, there is also a different type of matter exist in this universe.

Scientists say that Even if we add all the gravity of the normal matter in this universe, the universe will not have the same amount of gravity to explain the universe and give the galaxies clusters a stable movement. 

This normal matter provides only 15 percent of the gravity needed to explain the gravity of the Universe and 85 percent of the gravity is coming from an invisible thing. If that invisible thing does not exist, then the Laws of Gravity which we have believed to be true for hundreds of years will prove to be wrong.

At the same time, some scientists even believe that the law of gravity is wrong and it needs to be modified. According to them, the theory that we sent to other planets after keeping them in mind, sent humans to the moon, all of them became successful with the wrong theory?

It is not in my hands to prove or dispose of the law of gravity, but one thing is clear that only the theory of dark matter can explain the galactic movements and incidents happening in the universe.


Let me introduce you to an interesting fact in last that despite the advancement of science, we do not have any definition of energy and we may never be able to find the definition of energy. Comment what you have to say about it.


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