Nibiru Cataclysm | Will The Planet-X Going To Destroy The Earth?

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Do you remember? When it was said that the Earth would end on 21 December 2012. Because on that day, a planet named Nibiru was going to hit Earth. So what is planet Nibiru? In this article, we will tell you the entire history of Nibiru and where did it all begin?


What is this Nibiru planet?


In 1995 Nancy Lieder stated that she had an implant in her brain and could contact aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system. She said that the aliens have told her to warn the humans that in 2003 a planet named Nibiru will hit Earth. 

But nothing had happened in 2003. Those who believed the planet Nibiru said that it will hit the earth in the year 2012, but nothing happened on that day either. Let us tell you that some people also call it Planet X or Planet Nine.

Several years ago, Zecharia Sitchin wrote a book named “The Twelfth Planet”. According to this book, there is a planet named Nibiru which has been described by the ancient Sumerians as the 12th planet in this solar system. 

In this, the Sumerians are also called Pluto, the moon, and the sun as the planet. He said that the planet Nibiru passes through the earth every 3,600 years and humans evolve in the same Nibiru and when they came to the planet Earth, they colonized this earth.



Nibiru Cataclysm


Nibiru cataclysm

According to Historians and Language Experts, Zachariah Sitchin mistranslated texts written by Sumerians. Because Sumerians used to think, there are only 5 planets and not 12, nor did they say that humans came from Nibiru. 

According to Astronomers, a planet that enters the Inner Solar System every 3,600 years cannot remain in a stable orbit. Such a planet will either move towards the sun or will be pushed out of the solar system. From where his trajectory will not allow him to enter the solar system again.

This book by Zecharia Sitchin has been translated into over 26 languages so far ​​and has sold millions of copies. Scientists have not found a single big planet in the outer solar system that can even give respect to Nibiru’s claims of existence. 

In the Outer Solar system, we have only found one planetoid named Sedna. Planetoid is the body that we can neither call a planet nor a comet. Its surface is one of the most beautifully colored surfaces of this solar system.



Sedna Planet
Distant object 90377 Sedna, and its orbit, as seen from a top view and a side view regarding the rest of the Solar System. Neptune’s orbit is in blue; Pluto’s is in red. This position is accurate as of January 1st, 2017. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS USER TOMRUEN 


Sedna Planet

Its closest approach is 76 AU away from the Sun and at the farthest approach, it is 937AU away from the Sun. For this reason, Sedna takes 11, 400 years to make one round of the earth and if Nibiru takes 3,600 years, then it will be close to Sedna but we got nothing about Nibiru. 

In October 2011, a Comet named Elenin was about to pass from the Earth and Conspiracy Theorist stated that it was not a Comet but the Nibiru planet that is bringing our destruction. But it left 40 million kilometers away and this Comet was only 5 kilometers in size.

The biggest problem with Nibiru is that Conspiracy Theorist always keeps changing things about it, so Scientists say that these Conspiracy theorists always creates a new story about Nibiru to stay in the spotlight.

A few years ago, a rumor on the internet flew in a big swing. That Comet Elenin was being called Nibiru. Because of his approach to the earth, there was severe destruction in Japan in March 2011. Because Nibiru had increased the axial tilt of the Earth by 3 degrees. But nothing like this had happened. In the future, also no one can increase the axial tilt of the Earth by 3 degrees.



V838 Monocetotis
The Expanding Light Echo of Red Supergiant Star V838 Monocerotis:


V838 Monocetotis

Then it was once said that the star named V838 Monocerotis is Nibiru because its light is increasing. So Conspiracy Theorist thought that it was getting closer to the earth, so it was getting bigger, but according to NASA it is a star and it has a process called light echo In which sometimes its light is scattered around this star, sometimes the light around is decreased.

So you too should stay away from hooey theories like Nibiru. Because in the coming few years you may get a chance to hear something related to the planet Nibiru again. No planet named Planet Nine or Nibiru exists in our solar system, and it is just a tactic to sell books.

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