Missing plane landed after 37 years | Riddle of flight 914

Missing Flight 914 The Plane Disappeared In 1955, Landed After 37 Years

We all travel by car, train, and airplane for the journey, which can be a few hours or even days long. But how about if I tell you that a plane went on a journey and landed after several years had passed. would you believe it? If not… then you will be surprised to hear about the plane we are going to tell you about today. Because this plane landed on the earth not after 1 or 2 years but after 37 years.


Riddle of flight 914

On July 2, 1955, Flight 914 of Pan American flew from New York to Florida at its scheduled time, there were 57 people on the plane during that time. Everything was perfectly fine and no one thought that this journey was going to be 37 years long.

After taking off from New York, Flight 914 was on the right track for 3 hours, but what happened after that was going to be a surprise to everyone. Instead of landing in Florida, Flight 914 mysteriously vanished into the thin air, even it disappeared from the radar.

On the other hand, the Air Traffic Control System contacted the New York Tower to inform that Flight 914 had gone missing. Even after using all the technology and radar, finding that plane had become a challenge for all. Air traffic control was constantly trying to contact the pilot, but the pilot (of the plane that disappeared in the air) was also unable to communicate.

The situation was tight, the lives of people were in danger because of the disappearance of Flight 914, as well as the image of the government and the air service was going to be affected. So the Investigation Team set out on a mission to find Flight 914, all thought that the plane might have crashed.

Different teams were sent from water to land and sky so that debris of the plane or the corpse of the people would be found. But including Flight 914, the people aboard had disappeared in a mysterious way, and neither the debris of the plane was found. Even after a long search operation, when Flight 914 was not found, the Investigation Team raised their hands.

Everyone wanted to know the answer to the question of Where did the plane and its passengers disappear? When no one understood anything, the missing case of Flight 914 was closed unsolved and through an official announcement, People were told that Flight 914 crashed and killed all 57 passengers along with six crew members.


The returning of the missing plane

People were talking about it for a few days after the disappearance of Flight 914, but with the passage of time, everyone forgot about the crash of Flight 914. But the twist in the story came when 37 years later on May 21, 1992, the Caracas Air Traffic Control unit of Venezuela spotted a plane on the radar.

Air Traffic control unit got panicked after seeing that a plane suddenly appears on the radar because they could not understand how the plane suddenly appeared on the radar. The air traffic control team was busy sorting out the fact but within 10 minutes the plane hit very close to Caracas Airport, which was very old in appearance.

Meanwhile, the pilot of the plane contacted the air traffic control and asked where are we?, to which the control unit said that you are near Caracas Airport. Then the air traffic control unit asked where your flight was coming from, to which the pilot replied that it was Pan American Flight 914 which flew from New York, the flight has 6 crew members and 57 passengers.

Air traffic control and Flight 914 pilot were in a continuous conversation, during which the pilot told that he had flown from New York on 2 July 1952. Hearing this, there was silence in the air traffic control room, as the time stated by the pilot was 37 years old.

Well keeping all things on the side, Flight 914 of Pan American was allowed to land at Caracas Airport. As soon as the flight landed, the air traffic control unit asked the pilot, “Do you know this is the year 1992?”, Upon hearing this, the pilot sat back on the plane and started the engine, and flew off the plane.

After appearing briefly on the radar, the plane suddenly disappeared back. The entire Air Traffic Control team was surprised because what happened in front of them in a few minutes was absolutely incredible. No One Could Understand, where did flight 914 disappear again?


riddle of flight 914
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The Mystery of Flight 914

The story of Pan American’s flight 914 disappearance seems no less than a movie. There are two types of theories about the disappearance of this plane, the first is that the plane disappeared through time travel and reached the future.

At the same time, according to another theory, there was no plane named Flight 914 of Pan American that disappeared mysteriously. It is a story made by some, which just entertains.

On the other hand, if you try to find a plane called Flight 914 of Pan American on Google, then you will not find anything. Because no such flight ever existed and if it was, its name would have been registered and we would have been able to search it on Google.

Now you must have understood that what is the real story of the plane which landed after 37 years and should trust it or not. Our aim is not to hurt anyone’s feelings, rather we put facts in front of the world, who work to uncover the truth.


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