UFO Spotted in Hawaii have multiple witnesses, video Goes viral on social media

It seems an unidentified flying object was seen in the sky of Hawaii on a day before New Year’s Eve. Viral footage on social media shows a blue object lighting the skies of Hawaii just ahead of the new year. According to Hawaii news now, this flying object has been spotted on multiple locations in Hawaii which later on disappeared into the ocean.


UFO Spotted in Hawaii 2020
Multiple witnesses spot UFO over Hawaiian island  |  Photo Credit: YouTube


According to Hawaii News Now, this flying object spotted last week during new year eve at around 8.30 PM by a local, who then call the emergency number 911 to inform the authorities. According to their reports, a number of people living at different locations on the island of Oahu also claimed they saw a large UFO in the night sky on 29 December.

A short clip of the incident, which has now been shared on social media, shows a blue glowing object moving across the night sky before falling into the ocean.

Also, residents in the Hawaiian island of Oahu were left stunned after noticing a bright blue object hovering across the night sky before disappearing into the sea.

In one of the videos being shared on Twitter, a woman can be heard saying, “Something is in the sky. What is that?” The 38-year-old lady, Misitina Sape informed about capturing the image at 8:26 pm near Haleakala Avenue in Nanakuli.




The report said Another woman named Moriah spotted the same object passing over Princess Kahanu Estates. She said to the Hawaii News Now that she looked up and then she was surprised to see the object in the sky. 

The report also mentioned that the UFO was moving quite quickly. A few eye-witnessed mentioned that they also saw a white light appear next to the blue light.

The website reports that a spokesperson from the Honolulu police station has told them that they did not have any information. An FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor told the news agency that they received a report from police on the night of 29 December 2020, about a possible flying object down in the area but it had no aircraft disappear off radars and no reports of overdue or missing aircraft.

A short clip of the incident, which has now been shared on social media, shows a blue glowing object moving across the night sky before falling into the ocean.



The news comes at a time when Harvard University professor Avi Loeb has hinted that extra-terrestrial life has already contacted us in 2017 when an interstellar space object came into the Solar System.

According to Professor Loeb, Oumuamua, the first known interstellar object that was discovered on October 19, 2017, was not just another asteroid but most likely a disk less than a millimetre thick, with sail-like proportions for its unusual acceleration as it moved away from the Sun. In his upcoming book Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth, the astronomer delves deeper into alien theories.

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