VOYAGER SPACE STATION: World’s First Ever Hotel Built in Space

If you also have a dream of having dinner between the moon and stars or spending some great moments with your partner, then this wonderful fantasy of yours is going to be fulfilled. Yes… You heard exactly right, World’s first-ever hotel is going to be built in space very soon, where people will be able to spend their vacation and enjoy food.


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Courtesy of Orbital Assembly Corporation


Orbital Assembly Corporation, a well-known designing company, has decided to fulfil the dream of people to spend holidays in space. The construction of this 50,000-square-meter Space hotel will start in the year 2026. The name of this space hotel is  VOYAGER CLASS SPACE STATION, which will be ready by the year 2027. 

The construction company run by John Blincow and it is said that 280 guests and 112 crew members can stay in this hotel. The station will be Orbital Assembly Corporation’s first major project and the first commercial space station with artificial gravity.

The Orbital Assembly Corporation was formed with the purpose of accelerating the formation of a robust and self-sustaining space construction industry. John Blincow said, “We’re trying to make the public realize that this golden age of space travel is just around the corner. It’s coming. It’s coming fast“.

In this luxury space hotel, the people will get the facilities of Earth’s 5-start hotel. Along with this, you will also be able to take advantage of various facilities like a private room, bar, restaurant, spa, gym, library and cinema hall.


Hotel’s Features

VOYAGER CLASS SPACE STATION will be made in the shape of a large circle so that it always rotates in space and by this rotation Artificial gravity will be built in this hotel so that there is no problem in inviting humans coming from the earth. Also, this hotel is designed to rotate around Earth in every 90 minutes.

Apart from this, a few different rings will also be built for the US space agency NASA, so that while staying there, scientists can do research related work and focus on hotel gravity etc. All the employees working in VOYAGER CLASS SPACE STATION will be given special training before being taken to space so that they can present themselves better in the space and take care of the convenience of the customers.


Its senior design architect of The Gateway Foundation Tim Alatorre explained that the aim of the project was to make visiting space accessible to everyone. 

Eventually, going to space will just be another option people will pick for their vacation, just like going on a cruise, or going to Disney World.

Because the overall costs are still so high most people assume that space tourism will only be available to the super-rich, and while I think this will be true for the next several years, the Gateway Foundation has a goal of making space travel open to everyone.


Will you be able to go to the Space Hotel too?

If you feel that only rich people can go to this luxury hotel being built in space, then you are absolutely wrong. Although the budget and entry fees of VOYAGER CLASS SPACE STATION have not been disclosed yet, the company making it says that it will manufacture and ticket it keeping the middle class in mind.

It has become clear that even a normal income person can enjoy the facilities like cinema hall, food and spa in VOYAGER SPACE STATION. The circle-shaped VOYAGER CLASS SPACE STATION will have windows made of glass so that the people sitting inside it can have a wonderful view of the space. With this, the hotel will have the facility to sit and roam 400 people at a time, which in itself will be a staggering experience.


Would you like to go to this space luxury hotel, if yes… then please comment by mentioning the name of the person with whom you want to visit the space.

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