Water found on Mars, NASA discovered 3 new lakes

A new discovery came about this year related to water on Mars. 28 September 2020, NASA scientists have confirmed they discovered 3 new lakes on mars.


Water found on Mars 2020


In our nearby planetary group, the chance of life on Mars other than Earth is being explored, because planet Mars has an atmosphere similar to earth. Researchers have been doing different kinds of observations on Mars for a long time, in which they have uncovered different types of facts.

In an ongoing exploration, Researchers have discovered water on Mars, not just that also there are additionally enormous lakes under the desolate land there. 

So let’s explore all the facts related to this subject, which may change human history in the future.


NASA’s Discovery Of Water


Scientists at the US Space Agency NASA have been successful in finding sources of water on Mars, which might be liable for the beginning of life on this planet in the coming times.

Researchers have discovered three lakes inside the land of Mars. From this, it is being estimated that human life might be possible on this planet in the coming future. Since humans will have the choice of drinking water and water is the most basic component of life. 


Discovery Of Salty Lakes 2 Years Back

This isn’t the first time when the water has been discovered on Mars, yet prior in 2018, the lake under the snow was discovered here. In 2018, the Spacecraft Mars Express of the European Space Agency (ESA) succeeded in finding a salty lake under the ice at the southern pole of Mars.

The Spacecraft Mars Express had passed through that region of ​​the South Pole 29 times. During that time it took photos of the region concerned, and researchers discovered the covered lake under the ground. The width of the lake under the ice at the South Pole is around 20 kilometers, the biggest water body ever found on Mars. 


Three New Lakes Discovered From the Pictures

When NASA researchers constantly studied and investigated the photographs taken by the Spacecraft, they found 3 new lakes on the grounds of Mars. These 3 lakes exist just around the salt-water lake covered under the ice.

According to scientists, the water present in these lakes discovered on the surface of Mars has been seen in the liquid state. In such a circumstance, there are more signs that such lakes will be in a liquid or frozen state at different places on Mars.

Researchers from everywhere around the world, including NASA, are doing exploration regarding this matter, and some new aspects related to Mars may be revealed in the future.


Mars Was Once Considered Barren Planet 

Scientists in early times considered Mars as a dry and barren planet, where life could not even be imagined. Yet, later examination uncovered that there are resources of water in the liquid state.

Now scientists believe that there was a lot of water flowing on this red planet at some times, but because of climate change three billion years ago, the appearance of Mars changed its color. The land of Mars is harsh at some places and moist at some places, so there is a lot of humidity in the air here.

Now it will be interesting to see what information NASA scientists can gather about the 3 new lakes discovered on Mars. The number of water sources being discovered on the red planet. It could be a revolutionary discovery that can change human history.


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