Bombs Dropped In World War II Are Still Active


World War II Bombs found



World War II Bomb Found During Dredging Operations In Kolkata

A huge bomb at the time of the Second World War was found during the dredging, which is being carried out in the river Hooghly near Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose port of Kolkata. It weighs around 450 kg, which was built by the US Army. Let us tell you that between 1942 and 1945 the US military used similar bombs in the battlefield of Sino-Burma (present day’s Myanmar) – India.

Experts believe that it was so dangerous that its explosion could kill the people present in the area up to half a kilometer around. This bomb was found during the excavation team of Kolkata Port Trust.

First, they thought it was a torpedo. Then suddenly realize it’s different from a torpedo. So They informed this news to the Indian Navy base in Kolkata and sought help from the army to neutralize the bomb.

For your information, let us know that earlier Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose port was known as ‘King George Port’. The US military used it during the second world war. Crores of people were killed in the second world war. Ground, navy to air forces from 70 countries were involved in this.

It is said that about 100 million soldiers took part in this war and in which about 7 crore people died. That is why the second world war is called the most dangerous war in human history. It was so deadly that many country’s names were erased from the world in World war II. 

This is not the first time that the bombs dropped during World War II were found alive. Today we will tell you about the countries where such active bombs have been found.


One such bomb was found in London’s Thames River in February 2018, after that there was a stir and all the flights passing through here were canceled. The weight of this bomb found here was about 500 kg, which was about one and a half meters long. Which was found near London City Airport. The bomb was removed two days later by the British Navy and police.

Officials believe that Germany may have dropped this bomb on London. During world war 2, German planes bombed London. At the same time, the bomb may have fallen into the River Thames without exploding.

Earlier, in March 2017, a World War II bomb was found near a school in London.The bomb. weighted around 250 kg and was found buried in Brondesbury Park near the school. After that the Royal Engineers defused it.  


An active bomb of World War II was also found in France in March 2012. Here the Bomb found by the laborers while working in an under-construction building in Marseille. Whose weight was stated to be one ton.

This bomb was dropped by Germany during the Second World War. The entire area was evacuated before it was defused. Then it was taken out of the ground and carefully taken to the military base. Where it was neutralized. 

The workers came to know about this bomb when a part of it flew inside the ground with a blast. Security personnel said that this bomb was very powerful because it was still working even after being in the ground for so many years. This was likely to cause heavy losses.


In April 2017, a 226 kg bomb was found under a gas station in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city. 

Which was being told of the second world war. Because of this, about 70 thousand people who were currently living in the city were sent 1.2 miles away from the city. After that, it was successfully diffused by the Greek military.


You will be surprised to know that during the second world war even Bombs can also fall over a powerful country like Germany.

Yes, in August 2017, an active bomb was found in the city of Frankfurt. To defuse this, 80 thousand people of this place were sent somewhere else. Its weight was 1400 kg. It was described as Britain. 

The bomb was found during the construction work of a building. Which contained 1.4 tons of explosive material. It was defused by the army there. 

Earlier in 2016, the city of Augsburg, Germany. A bomb dropped in the Second World War was found. This active bomb’s weight was found around two tons. 

Because of which the entire city had to be evacuated. Let us tell you that this was the largest bomb ever found in Augsburg, which was dropped by the British army on Germany.

Hong Kong

In January 2018, the Hong Kong police found a bomb weighing 453 kg during World War II. Which was defused after an hour-long campaign. 

It was visible to the laborers near an under-construction building in the dense township of Wan Chai. This was not the first time a bomb had been found in Hong Kong. 

Earlier, too many such bombs have been found here. Which was defused by the police. Police said that it was an “AN-M65 bomb” that the US would have dropped between 1941 and 1945.

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